Today, I’m going to guide you on making big shoes fit smaller. By following these simple steps, you can reduce the size of your shoes in half. No matter what size shoe you wear, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to wear them in the future. If you desire to know how to make big shoes fit smaller, keep reading.

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How To Make Big Shoes Fit Smaller

1. Put the shoe on your foot. To get the most accurate measurement, make sure the shoe is on your foot and not your hand.

2. Use a ruler to estimate the length of the shoe. You want to measure from the tip of your toes to the tip of your heel. If you want to learn how to measure the length of your foot, check out this article.

3. Use a tape measure to estimate the width of the shoe.

First, measure from the inside of your ankle to the inside of your heel. Then, measure from the middle of your ankle to the center of your heel.

4. Once you have the measurements of the shoe, add 2 inches to each size. This is because the average human foot is 2 inches larger than the average shoe.

5. Find a pair of shoes that you like and have the exact measurements as the ones you just measured.

In conclusion, you will need to reduce the size of the shoes by 2 inches.

6. Put the new shoe on your foot. To get the most accurate measurement, make sure the shoe is on your foot and not your hand.

7. Use a ruler to estimate the length of the shoe.

8. Use a tape measure to measure the width of the shoe.

9. Once you have the measurements of the shoe, subtract 2 inches from each measurement.

10. Put the new shoe on your foot.

Heel Liner Cushion

If you have large feet, you may have been told to buy a pair of smaller shoes, but that’s not always an option. I have found that using a heel liner cushion is an excellent solution to make big shoes fit smaller. Just take off the adhesive coverings and stick the heel liner cushions into the inside heel of your shoes.

This is the perfect cushion for those who suffer from heel pain because it is easy to insert and won’t make your shoe feel uncomfortable. The price is unbeatable, and you can always buy more if needed.

A heel liner cushion is a small pad that fits between the heel and the shoe. This helps relieve pressure from the heel and prevents the foot from hurting. I know this because I used to wear them when I worked in retail.

Tighten Your Shoe Laces

If you want to buy shoes that fit well, take the time to try them on before buying. If your current shoes don’t feel right, tighten your laces a little bit, then try them again. You may find that you need a new pair of shoes. Also, make sure that the shoelaces are tied properly. If they are too flexible, the shoe will slide around on your foot when you walk.


There are many reasons why you should consider getting an insole, but here are a few of the top reasons:
1. You will have a better fit in your shoes
2. You will feel more comfortable when you are wearing your shoes
3. You will have less foot pain
4. Your shoes will last longer
5. Your shoes will look more polished and professional
6. You will have a better-looking shoe closet

If you have a pair of leather shoes and the leather has a hole in the side, you probably know that the hole can be fixed by putting an insole inside the shoe. This is usually done because the hole results from wearing out the original insole, but if you want to set the hole yourself, the best way is to place the original insole on top of the new one.

Shrink Your Shoes

Shrinking your shoes is an inexpensive and fun way to make a pair of shoes fit better. It’s a great solution if you have a pair of shoes too wide. The problem with shrinking your shoes is that it can take a long time to get them to shrink. For example, I’ve tried shrinking my shoes before, and they didn’t shrink enough to make a difference in my size. But if you can get the right tools, the process works.

If you’re painting outdoors, you should always have a water bottle. If you don’t have a water bottle, I recommend buying a plastic water bottle with a spout at your local dollar store.

Ball of Foot Cushion

Use this technique to narrow your toe space. Insert a ball of foot cushion into your shoe and make sure it is positioned so that your toes are touching the ball. This will compress the space between your toes and your foot.

Ball of foot cushions is designed to help relieve some of the pressure points in your feet and keep them from getting sore. The best way to decide whether a pair of shoes is appropriate for the ball of foot cushioning is to look at the shoe’s heel height. If the heel is higher than about 2 inches, you should use a pair of shoes with a ball of foot cushion.

The more cushion you can add to your shoes, the better. However, don’t add too much because it will make the shoe look like a clown shoe. You want to be able to feel your foot.


How do you make big shoes smaller?

There are a few ways to make big shoes smaller. One way is to use a shoe reducer. Another way is to use a corkscrew. Last, you can use a shoe stretcher.

Can big shoes be made smaller?

Whereas there are several ways to make big shoes smaller, you cannot make a big shoe smaller. Big shoes are designed to accommodate the size of your foot. If you have a wide foot, you need a pair of wide shoes.

How do you get shoes that fit?

It would be best to start by trying on shoes you have already worn. If you can’t find a pair of shoes that fit, try on a pair of shoes you have never worn before.


Finally, I would like to say that buying shoes is essential for the job. You have to be comfortable in your shoes to succeed in your job. You should never be terrified to ask for help if you are unsure how to make a pair of shoes fit correctly.

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