The first thing you must know about wearing mom jeans is that they are most often worn with flat shoes and not sneakers. Also, make sure that you keep your jeans slightly rolled up at the cuff, so they don’t show when you are modeling them with flat shoes. If you want to wear a more formal shoe, you can pull off mom jeans with a pair of loafers or oxfords.

It is being said that here are some of my favorite ways to wear mom jeans.

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What Shoes Go With Mom Jeans

You can wear mom jeans with anything. It’s all about finding a style that you love and that works for you.

With flats, you can wear a pair of moccasins, ballet slippers, or your favorite loafers. If you enjoy wearing more formal shoes, I suggest a pair of oxfords or loafers.

With sneakers, you can wear classic tennis shoes or casual sneakers.

You can wear a variety of flats with mom jeans.

Ankle Boots

You can pair mom jeans with a pair of ankle boots. The color of the boot will match the color of the jeans or the color of the top. I love this look for a more casual day at the beach or a night out with friends.


You can pair mom jeans with chukkas. You can choose a chukka with a tassel or without a tassel.

Flat Sandals

Flat sandals are perfect for wearing with mom jeans. They are easy to wear, and they look good with almost anything. You can pair them with a simple tee and denim jacket or layer them with a dress and a blazer. I love the flat sandals from New Look because they are so comfortable and go with everything.

Colorful Court Heels

The great thing about adding color to your look is that you can be as subtle or as bold as you want. If you wish to add color to your look, go all out! The best way to do this is by wearing bright-colored shoes or accessories. When it comes to dressing up your glance, the key is balance. If you wear too much color, the overall look will be hectic and overpowering.


Pumps are the perfect shoe for mom jeans. They are sleek and chic, and they are also very comfortable. Pumps are ideal for a night out with mom jeans, but they are also suitable for a day at the office.

Pumps Shoes

Metallic Heeled Boots

Metallic heeled boots are a fantastic way to wrap up your daytime mom jeans looks, as they add a pop of vivid detail to any costume. A funky heel on an otherwise simple boot is an effortless way to add style to your looks without putting in any effort at all.

It’s essential to have comfortable shoes, especially if you’re planning on doing a lot of walking. I recommend heeled boots because they can be dressy enough for a day at the office but still casual enough for a day at the park. I love the above pair of heeled boots; they are so comfortable and chic. They have a slight wedge shape that’s perfect for your legs.


The only way to wear sandals with mom jeans is with flat shoes. Sandals are fun to wear, but you need to make sure they fit you properly. Often, sandals look good with jeans, but they don’t look good with mom jeans.


If you want to wear heels with mom jeans, you need to be careful. Mom’s jeans don’t look good with heels. I recommend going with more formal shoes. A shoe with a heel will be too high for mom jeans, but a shoe with a flat or a slightly pointed toe is perfect.

Pointed Toe Shoes

The pointed-toe shoe is a great way to dress up your mom’s jeans. If you’re wearing more casual mom jeans, you can wear pointed-toe shoes with your jeans.


How do you wear shoes with Mother jeans?

As I have said before, the first thing you need to know is that you need to wear flat shoes with mom jeans. If you wear a heel, then your look will be too formal. You can wear a pointed toe or a flat shoe with your mom’s jeans.

What can you pair mom jeans with?

Many people might go for a more casual look by pairing mom jeans with a T-shirt and sneakers, but others might opt for a more dressed-up look by wearing a blazer or skirt with the jeans.

What sneakers do you wear with mom jeans?

You can wear sneakers with mom jeans if you want to, but you may want to consider something a little more dressy. Something like a pair of pumps or a dressy sneaker would be a better option. Jeans and sneakers can both be worn with different types of shoes.


It’s all about balance. When you wear mom jeans, you need to make sure that your outfit has some type of balance. You need to wear something that is not too casual and you need to wear something that is not too formal.

There are so many further ways to wear mom jeans, and it’s really up to you how you want to wear them. You can dress them up with a blazer or dress them down with a T-shirt and sneakers.

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